My Why

Different Industries.

I started my entrepreneur life before I even knew what the word meant. 6 years ago, my brother and I got into the music industry forming our first band. About 5 years ago we formed Savage Playground. We’ve done some amazing things in the entertainment industry, such as recording and working with the likes of Lita Ford who went to produce 4 of our songs. We have put out 5 music videos to date and have opened for the likes of Age of the Electric, Striker, and of course Gene Simmons. These are bands I grew up listening to.

It still shocks some people to hear that I also have a business in the finance industry as well. Some people look at the finance industry as sitting at a desk in a cubicle with a stack of papers and a lot of computer screens, and while there are those jobs out there, that’s not really my thing…

95% of the Canadian population is on track to retire below the poverty line.. and with 90% of the financial professionals only serving the interests of the high net worth client, there’s a reason why.

I won’t lie… I love money (like most people…), but I also love helping people. I think to be solely money motivated, you won’t go to far and that’s where “My Why” comes into play.

My Why.

I look at my industry and the mis-representation (or lack of representation) of the every day Canadian and see a huge opportunity to help a ton of really great people that really need the help. It has gotten to the point where most Canadians are using the ostrich technique of putting your head in the sand and hoping the problem goes away. That won’t work now, tomorrow, or ever. But what else can they do? With sales people around every corner trying to up sell them on every product and a complete illiteracy when it comes to finance, they have no where to turn.

That is where I fill the gap. I have a 0 pressure atmosphere to just get the information out. if they want to move forward with a wholistic plan we can go from there. If they don’t, well they at least know a lot more about how money and finance works. If they want a second opinion on their current plan, I can usually get them to a point where they are now saving for retirement, saving for their children’s education, personal goals such as travel, business plans, dream homes or cars etc. These goals are now being saved for while taking advantage of different tools to potentially get higher returns than before, they are properly protected and paying less for insurance, paying less in taxes and debt. After all of that, they usually come out spending less then they were before! Realistically, that doesn’t make a lot of sense of how that is even possible, but if I am able to do that, it just goes to show the lack of efficiency and representation for the every day Canadian.

My Why, is to build an agency to change my industry and bring it back to a time when we served the every day Canadian just as well as everyone else.

Why have a Why?

Without a Why, or a reason for what you do, there is no motivation to stay past the typical 9-5. There is no motivation to get up in the morning. There is no motivation to do what you do, even when you don’t feel like doing it. Whether your industry is Finance, Entertainment, Marketing, Energy, etc… you need your Why.

As always, my door is open to anyone wanting to learn more about how money and finance works, or to simply get a second opinion of where you are at today.

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