The Advantage of Starting Early!

Time vs. Amount.The amount you save every year is important... but what if I told you that with almost all things equal, there is a way that you can save less and accumulate more money. That catch is this... the earlier you start, the earlier compounding interest works in your favour! All that means is... Continue Reading →

My Why

Different Industries.I started my entrepreneur life before I even knew what the word meant. 6 years ago, my brother and I got into the music industry forming our first band. About 5 years ago we formed Savage Playground. We've done some amazing things in the entertainment industry, such as recording and working with the likes... Continue Reading →

Our Financial House

Our Financial House. Have you ever built a house before? If I were to ask you what the first thing we would need in order to build that house was, what do you think most people would say? I actually ask this question quite often, and the vast majority skip right to the foundation. But... Continue Reading →

The 3 Legged Stool – A Broken Model

The 3 Legged Stool Of The Past.Retirees of the past often enjoyed a combination of a company pension, government pension, and personal savings. But with the traditional model for retirement becoming a thing of the past, does it not make sense to start looking into retirement strategies based on personal responsibility? I know that last... Continue Reading →

The Rule of 72 – What Is It?

Developed by Albert Einstein, the rule of 72 explains compound interest. It can help determine how many years it would take to double a persons initial savings or investments. If you take the interest rate you are getting and divide that into 72, that is approximately how long it will take in years for your... Continue Reading →

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